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Terms and Conditions for Vendors

Thank you joining us for our event under Gourmet. We are thrilled to be working with you again this season. As per previous years, we have had huge interest in the event.

In these conditions –

“Gourmet” includes the organisers; staff; employees.

“Event” refers to all Gourmet events such as Gourmet in the Garden; Gourmet Garage; Gourmet Night Markets and Lake Karapiro.

“Site” means the site on which the event is held.

“Vendor” includes all employees and agents of the stall holder.

“Trailer” refers to gazebo, trailer and/or caravan to which food preparation is undertaken.

Mission Statement

Gourmet are very focused on delivering the best dining experience at all events and this is achieved via

Product – delivering a fantastic product consistently for the season

Presentation – taking time to present the best-looking stalls/ food trucks, food and staff.

Customer experience – making sure that we have the Best people fronting our businesses that will engage with our customers and make a lasting impression.


We would like to have a diverse array of interesting food items available, at reasonable prices. We encourage you to be creative in your menu offerings. Vendors can also supply beverages, however, are not permitted to offer alcoholic beverages of any kind. Vendors shall sell only the items submitted on vendor application form.  Vendor agrees to hold pricing in line with other vendors, and Gourmet will inform any vendor if pricing or items are not acceptable.  Vendors are to remain open for all hours of the event, and will be properly stocked and staffed to accommodate the hours.  (It is understood that some menu items may change by the day and availability of the items. Gourmet will be flexible to these conditions in an effort to provide the selection and quality reflective of the festival’s goals.)  If Vendor closes early for any reason the trailer may be closed and a clearly marked sign stating sold out to be displayed.  The Vendor is to remain on-site until the conclusion of the event.


This Market is different from any other market. We have chosen you for the presentation

and quality of the products that you offer. It is imperative that you are consistent with delivery and

quality of your products each week.


As part of terms and conditions we require you to supply photos of the food you intend to sell. This

will give us an overview of food that will be available at the market, so we are eliminating duplication.

Any product changes during the season must be approved by Gourmet.


We want our customers to feel great in the gardens and return time and time again. Let’s make them

feel special by serving the food quickly and making sure that we have the best people assisting them.


It is most important to create a colourful and festive atmosphere. It is recommended that you decorate your stall in a manner that reflects your goods or organisation. You will attract more people if your stall is bright, interesting and interactive. It is the responsibility of each site holder to maintain their site in a clean and tidy manner. All efforts should be made to recycle where possible.

Menu and pricing must be posted so that it is visible to the public prior to waiting in your line. No exceptions. You will not be allowed to open until prices are posted.

We ask that you send two photos of your booth set up. The look of your booth and your unique menu is important to us and is a major factor in our selection process.

All signs must be clean, professional and in good taste and must fit within the confines or your allotted booth space.

Inappropriate content or conduct will be addressed by Gourmet and may lead to removal from the event site. No refunds will be issued. No exceptions.


The Organiser shall have the sole right to disseminate photographs and other promotional material in respect to the events. Gourmet may produce marketing material listing Vendors and accepts no responsibility for any omission, misdescription or other error. The Vendor gives no warranty as to the type or extent of promotion of Gourmet nor as to attendance numbers.

Our Events are supported by a wide variety of marketing channels. We have approximately

15,500+ facebook  followers,1500+  Instagram followers and our social media specialist will be posting weekly updates.  While Gourmet will advertise this event, this is a joint venture, and it is expected that stallholders will use their own networks to create awareness.


We have found that it is very important to have open communication between us and you. Please ensure you read any emails that are sent out.    Please contact Gourmet if you have any suggestions and/or issues.

    All dates must be attended by stall holders. Gourmet reserves the right to refuse vendor space at its own discretion.  Events will be offered to vendors with as much notice as reasonable viable.   The date/times and price will be advertised when offering the event out.
    Invoices will be emailed out stipulating payment terms. Any late payments will incur 5% interest on late payment fees.  The Vendor shall be liable for payment as stipulated.

We will run as stated, unless the weather is extreme. If you feel that the weather is unacceptable,

you will have 24 hours to notify us of your absence. If we have not heard from you and you are due to

be attending, then you will be charged accordingly.


The Organiser shall be under no liability for the loss of or damage to exhibits or other property of the Vendor, or of its servants, agents, invitees or licensees howsoever such loss or damage may be caused, and whether or not caused in whole or in part by the negligence or other actions of Gourmet, its servants or agents. Vendors are advised to take out all necessary insurance.


Stalls should be no bigger than 3x3m for a gazebo, and 6×3 for a caravan/food truck.   Larger caravans must obtain permission from Gourmet prior to the event.  If you arrive and require additional space, it is unlikely you will be accommodated.   Vendors shall not extend their goods beyond the boundaries of their nominated site.   It is not acceptable for stallholders to encroach onto walkways or restrict access to other sites. Stallholders are responsible for bringing their own equipment they require.  All stalls must be of study construction.  All stalls must be weighted down corrected.  The vendor is responsible for covering and/or taping down all electrical cords, according to safety code and eliminating any hazards to guests and staff.   The Vendor undertakes to have its display space ready and completed by such time as shall be notified by Gourmet to the Vendor.


Regular inspections will be conducted of all trucks/gazebos. Any breaches of these terms and

conditions for operating will have a fee of $50 charged.


At all times during the opening hours of the event the Vendor shall:
(i) keep its display space open to view and properly staffed by competent representatives.
(ii) Keep its display space properly maintained and cleaned.
(iii) Conduct any business only from its display space.
(iv) Keep passageways adjacent to its display space free from obstruction.
(v) Not do any act which in the opinion of Gourmet may bring discredit.


Parking for vendors will be advised on the day.   For some events, it may be necessary to park your vehicle away from the trailer in a separate car park. When entering or exiting the grounds DRIVE CAREFULLY observing the 10klm/hr speed limit. Please turn your hazard lights on while driving on the grounds.  Vehicles cannot be bought back onto the grassed area until the conclusion of the Market.


We will endeavour to provide power, and will therefore require your power requirements. You will need to provide your own extension cords.   All power equipment must be test and tagged before coming to the market. In the event we are unable to provide power, you will be advised accordingly to provide your own generator.


All food stalls are to be fully operative and connected to all services before trading. All food stalls must comply with the requirements of the Food Act 2014 and the Food Safety Standards. Food vendors may be required to obtain a Temporary Food Business Licence or must provide a copy of their current Food Control Plan under the Food Act 2014. This licence must be on display at all times.


All food stalls must comply with the requirements of the Food Act 2006 and the Food Safety Standards.

  1. AUDIT

Council staff will be monitoring food stalls during Gourmet. Premises found with inadequate facilities will be required to cease operation until any identified issues are rectified.

  1. WASTE

For Gourmet in the Garden, we will be using the plate hire station to eliminate waste at our event. This is a council initiative that will raise the awareness of waste reduction.   The Silver Service will eliminate the need for you to bring packaging and cutlery. This does not include any drinking vessels. There will be a charge of 50 cents per plate/bowl and 20 cents per cup.

For all other events you are required to utilise General waste bins which will be provided. Please minimise waste and use recyclable products for serving where possible.  Sites not left in a clean and tidy manner, will not be invited to attend again.


Gourmet will be responsible for the placement of stallholders.  We will do our best to put regular stallholders in the same positions. However, we will have to consider power requirements. There are no guaranteed allocated spaces, and therefore changes may be necessary.


Vendors must be set-up by the required time which will be notified as early as possible to each event.   In the event that you sell out prior to closing, then we ask you to put up a “sold out” sign and leave your stall pack down allocated time. This allows others still operating to continue making sales.


Gourmet offer vouchers to both volunteers and competition winners in the form of a $10 voucher which can be used at any Gourmet event within a six month period when purchasing food.  Food vendors are to accept these vouchers and submit the details through to [email protected] stating voucher number to arrange reimbursement.


Gourmet reserve the right to enter any vendor site and remove articles, signs, pictures or printed matter which are not eligible for display, or are considered offensive.


Use of amplifiers or loud speakers (or any other audio device) by vendors is prohibited except with prior written consent from Gourmet. Vendors are not permitted to employ, contract or program any performer or performance without prior permission from Gourmet.


The use of generators must be pre-approved as part of the permit process before the event.  Safety precautions for use of a generator must be followed.


The wash station will need to include elevated container of clean water for washing hands, flowing

soap, paper towels and a bucket to catch the grey water.  All grey water to be taken offsite.  Every vendor must also have a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and vat lids for any deep fryers.


To avoid customer complaints, we require all vendors to have EFTPOS facilities.


All vendors and staff must wear a branded T-Shirt.


The Vendor must familiarise themselves with all aspects of the Health and Safety Event Management Plan and associated documents (to be provided to the vendor closer to the event) and agrees to comply with such plan and associated documents.  Vendors must report all near misses and other risks to be reported to management.  Vendors must have a risk register and ensure all staff are aware.


In the event of a dispute arising in a manner the vendor will communicate with the Directors of Gourmet.


Stallholders must act in an appropriate manner, ensuring that their actions do not invalidate the

insurance of Gourmet.  Should a stallholder act in a manner that creates an increase in the insurance

premium payable then the stallholder shall be held liable for the increase in premiums.

The stallholder agrees to occupy and use the area at the stallholders risk and releases to the full

extent permitted by law Gourmet, Hamilton Gardens, and any employees from all claims and demands of

any kind and from all liability which may arise in respect of any accident, damage or injury occurring

to any person or property in or about the area of the property.  Vendors should arrange personal and other insurance cover for their own property.


The vendors and/or their staff are not permitted to have any pets or livestock on or near any of the events.

Thank you, Tania and Frank